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Tackle nagging tasks

Having recently read Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness Project” one of the parts of the book that really stuck with me was to ‘tackle a nagging task.’

I know what you’re thinking – I’m entering a blogpost for the most boring thing ever awards. You may be right!

There were a few things that were bugging me that I needed to tackle:

  • Get the windows cleaned (I could barely see out of the house for the filth and it annoyed me every time I looked out of the window. I could have kissed the cleaner when he left.
  • Ditto with my car. Filthy and irritated me every time I looked at it. Felt so much better once I’d cleaned it.
  • Wardrobes full of clothes that I never wear that need flogging on Ebay to boost my travel funds.


(Can you see my wardrobe assistant? He’s very beautiful!)

I emptied my wardrobe and only put back clothes that I actually like and wear. In doing so, I stumbled across this:


An amazing vintage Mexican hand embroidered dress that I got from Ebay years ago. I wore it once and when paying in my local Sainsbury’s the cashier asked me “where are you from?” I replied “erm… the North-West, why?” to which he responded “Oh, no reason I just thought you were wearing some kind of national dress.”


Anyway. To summarise, this dress is a very weird length, almost like a kaftan and I’d been meaning to shorten it for years. Also the sleeves are poofy, which has the undesirable effect of making me look like an over-grown infant.


(These kind of sleeves really aren’t a good look on an almost six foot tall woman.)

So I brushed the dust off my sewing machine, snipped the bottom off, gave it a hem, pulled out the sleeve elastic and sewed up a hole in the armpit region and ta daaahh.


Should have done this years ago! Above knee length is much better, much less weird and national dressy. Also I sorted the sleeves:


I’m delighted to have made a weird dress wearable, added to my travel wardrobe and ticked off a nagging task off my to-do list all in one.

Interestingly though, if you have more than five items on your to-do list it can be overwhelming and less satisfying than not having one in the first place. You can’t win can you?!