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New thing 3) Learn about flight Co2 emissions

Before the age of eighteen, I had only flown once. Since then I’ve flown each summer for a holiday.

In September we’ve booked our first leg of flights for our round the world trip:

Manchester-Rekyjavik-New York

New York – Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Honolulu (Hawaii)

Honolulu- Nadi (Fiji)

Nadi-Auckland (New Zealand)

That’s five flights. And that’s only the first half of our trip. After New Zealand we’ll most likely fly to South East Asia via Australia.

The above makes me feel understandably excited, but as a resident of the planet, I’m horrified by the carbon emissions.

According to UN statistics:

“CO2 emissions generated directly from the tourism sector account today for 5 per cent of global CO2 emissions but this may be higher (up to 14 per cent) if measured as radiative forcing, i.e. the warming caused by CO2 as well as other greenhouse gases. To understand the magnitude of these numbers it should be noted that if we compare tourism with the emissions of countries, tourism would be the 5th bigger polluter worldwide.”

We need to be conscious of our our carbon footprint whilst we are away…

This is what we will do:

1) Use local or public transport wherever possible. We will be biking and walking as much as we can whilst we are away. We’ll avoid hiring cars where public transport is possible.

2) Invest in carbon offsetting. There are many projects that counterbalance the emissions from flights, such as tree planting.

3) Travel light. We will take one rucksack each that we can ourselves carry.