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How to save money for travelling.

Tom and I decided to go travelling in January 2015. This left us only nine months of saving before we jet off in September. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, we both work in education and our work tends to dry up over the summer months. Ouch!

Enter my action plan. Here’s a few ways in which we save money for travelling.

DSC_0255(The above is a photo of my purse. If you listen carefully you should be able to hear the gentle flutter of moth’s wings.)

1) Stop spending money

This might sound obvious, but every purchase is now carefully considered. Gone are the days when I would go into town and fritter away my earnings because I was bored and “deserved a treat.”

This also goes for meals out, and drinks out. That’s the difficult part. But we’ve got round this by inviting our friends over for food and drinks instead.

I’ve found that I’ve got used to being on a tight budget, it’s like being a student again. If I’m feeling frustrated, I just have a quick daydream about travelling and I’m fine again!

2) Switch where you do your food shopping

We did the Aldi challenge! 

Tesco is our nearest supermarket and we previously would always shop there for convenience. We reached the point where I would easily spend £40.00 and come out with nothing useful towards making meals.

Now we shop at Aldi or Lidl, which are much cheaper.

3) Change your exercise

I cancelled my gym membership and began running. Running is free, all you need is a decent pair of shoes. It also feels so much better to be outside rather than cooped up in the sweaty gym that I used to drive to, so it’s a win win situation!

Read more about my recent running antics here.


(Searching for inexistent money)

4) Stop any unnecessary monthly payments

Along with the gym membership, I cancelled my Sky Movies subscription (we never watched it) and changed my phone contract to the cheapest possible plan.

5) Sell unwanted items for profit

I use Ebay to flog my unwanted items. Yes it’s a pain to take the photos and get the products packaged and sent off, but the pros outweigh the cons: I make money from the things I don’t want and I begin the process of clearing out the house before we leave for our travels.

6) Have a vice

The one thing I don’t limit myself on is books. Some people buy shoes, or clothes… I’m a book person. I don’t buy full price books.  Charity shop diving is one of my favourite past times and you often find books at a great price, and the money goes to a good cause. Fabulous!