Tiptoe amongst the tulips

Well hello there,

I’m writing from the war-torn abode. War-torn meaning post-party. As a child, if ever I was sleeping at a friend’s house I would always be awake hours before my companion, wondering what to do with myself until they woke up. Usually I would raid their book shelves… What a strange child. But alas, the insomnia and book wormery in me lingers on. I’ve realised that as an adult, this has matured into my being always the first awake after a party. There’s something quite nice about the quiet, feeling slightly muggy and then throwing open the windows and beginning the clean up before everyone else is awake. Anyway, that’s where you find me today dear reader. The first awake and catching up on the blog.

So what’s new here? Not a lot really. We’ve progressed with our travel plans for Christmas and beyond:

– bus booked to Wellington on the 20th of December when we escape work.

– a few night’s accommodation still needs sorting for Welly.

– ferry crossing to the South Island booked for the 23rd

– 3 nights stay booked in a cabin in Picton for Christmas. It looks very basic but the weather will be hot so hopefully most of Christmas will be spent mildly intoxicated on the beach.

– flight booked from Christchurch to Melbourne, Australia for 1st Feb.

So it feels really good to have something set in stone to look forward to. It’s been great to have some home comforts here and to earn some pennies, but my feet are getting itchy and I need to be on the road again soon!

Here’s a few photos from this weekend:


The campervan ride home from work on Friday. They insisted that work be started on Saturday at 7am which we all decided was too ungodly so we didn’t go, and treated ourselves to a full weekend off as we were all shattered! (Work on Saturday is optional so we didn’t get in trouble.)


Following work Tom and I cycled to the pub. It was nice to be alone for the first time in ages and we toasted to our five year anniversary. How insane is that?! A fifth of my life with tom already spent together. I couldn’t be happier!


After the pub some kind soul offered a lift home, which we politely declined as we decided we were safer on the bikes, judging by the look of him! The pub is only down the road anyway.



Here Tom is glued to the new One Direction music video which made me laugh a lot.



Whilst being chauffered to town in the campervan we stole Kerry and Philine’s hats and took silly photos. It would be rude not to!

Last night was Philine’s party, it’s her 19th birthday today. It was quite hilarious skyping her family at about 1am whilst we weren’t very sober and practising our German.

We might catch the new Hunger Games film at the cinema today, but other than that, lazy day all round. Still no sign of anyone, 12pm at time of writing hehehe.

Work this week has been okay. We’ve been painting the bosses’ fence which was meant to seem like some kind of “treat” but was actually just bloody backbreaking and stressful trying not to splat paint everywhere. There’s lots of new people, taking us to about 80 pickers. This is good because we’re no longer the newbies and aren’t getting bollucked as much, oh well, three weeks and counting!!!



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