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Tiptoe amongst the tulips

Well hello there,

I’m writing from the war-torn abode. War-torn meaning post-party. As a child, if ever I was sleeping at a friend’s house I would always be awake hours before my companion, wondering what to do with myself until they woke up. Usually I would raid their book shelves… What a strange child. But alas, the insomnia and book wormery in me lingers on. I’ve realised that as an adult, this has matured into my being always the first awake after a party. There’s something quite nice about the quiet, feeling slightly muggy and then throwing open the windows and beginning the clean up before everyone else is awake. Anyway, that’s where you find me today dear reader. The first awake and catching up on the blog.

So what’s new here? Not a lot really. We’ve progressed with our travel plans for Christmas and beyond:

– bus booked to Wellington on the 20th of December when we escape work.

– a few night’s accommodation still needs sorting for Welly.

– ferry crossing to the South Island booked for the 23rd

– 3 nights stay booked in a cabin in Picton for Christmas. It looks very basic but the weather will be hot so hopefully most of Christmas will be spent mildly intoxicated on the beach.

– flight booked from Christchurch to Melbourne, Australia for 1st Feb.

So it feels really good to have something set in stone to look forward to. It’s been great to have some home comforts here and to earn some pennies, but my feet are getting itchy and I need to be on the road again soon!

Here’s a few photos from this weekend:


The campervan ride home from work on Friday. They insisted that work be started on Saturday at 7am which we all decided was too ungodly so we didn’t go, and treated ourselves to a full weekend off as we were all shattered! (Work on Saturday is optional so we didn’t get in trouble.)


Following work Tom and I cycled to the pub. It was nice to be alone for the first time in ages and we toasted to our five year anniversary. How insane is that?! A fifth of my life with tom already spent together. I couldn’t be happier!


After the pub some kind soul offered a lift home, which we politely declined as we decided we were safer on the bikes, judging by the look of him! The pub is only down the road anyway.



Here Tom is glued to the new One Direction music video which made me laugh a lot.



Whilst being chauffered to town in the campervan we stole Kerry and Philine’s hats and took silly photos. It would be rude not to!

Last night was Philine’s party, it’s her 19th birthday today. It was quite hilarious skyping her family at about 1am whilst we weren’t very sober and practising our German.

We might catch the new Hunger Games film at the cinema today, but other than that, lazy day all round. Still no sign of anyone, 12pm at time of writing hehehe.

Work this week has been okay. We’ve been painting the bosses’ fence which was meant to seem like some kind of “treat” but was actually just bloody backbreaking and stressful trying not to splat paint everywhere. There’s lots of new people, taking us to about 80 pickers. This is good because we’re no longer the newbies and aren’t getting bollucked as much, oh well, three weeks and counting!!!



25 things I know to be true

Well  hey there,

I turned 25 in September which is a bit weird. Weird because I’m officially “mid-twenties” which feels like I should be a more responsible adult than I am. I feel about six years old, not a quarter-century old! Half way to fifty. (I know it’s not old really)

Also, lots of travellers that I’ve met go “really?!” When I tell them how old I am. I’m hoping this is because most backpackers are younger, or that I look younger, but it’s the first time in my life that people have been surprised by how old I am.

Anyway, I thought I’d use the opportunity to compile a list of 25 things that I’ve learnt so far in my 25 years. Here goes!


1) No one really has a clue what they’re doing. Everyone is just pretending that they do and acting confidently. Join them, it’s hilarious.
2) Never trust someone who hasn’t brought a book with them. (Thanks Lemony Snicket)
3) If you’re tall you can tell people what to do and pretend to be authoritative and it (usually) works.
4) Every day is better if you wake up and decide you’re in a good mood.
5) Exercise is essential for keeping your body healthy, but more importantly, it keeps your mind healthy too.
6) If you want to wear something outrageous, you must do so with conviction and you’ll get away with it.
7) You are insanely lucky to have spare change, a roof over your head and access to food and water. Never take it for granted.
8) If everything is getting a bit much, take a step outside and look at the sky, contemplate the cosmos. Imagine being a spaceman looking at the planet. You are  so insignificant. Your life is one tiny blip on the timeline of the Earth. Chill the hell out. Also, if the thing you’re worried about wont matter in five years time then forget it!
9) The most important thing to be is kind. It doesn’t matter if you’re thick or you have a horrifically ridiculous laugh, just try really hard to be kind and compassionate.
10) Your gut instinct is about 99% right. If you don’t like somebody when you first meet them, or a place or situation gives you a sinking feeling in your tummy, trust it.
11) Laugh every day.
12) Listen to your body. If you feel shit every morning because you eat chocolate before bed, stop it. Don’t go drinking two nights in a row because you’ll get tonsillitis.
13) Understand that everybody has got their own problems and worries, and most of the time they aren’t thinking about you.
14) Make your passion your job and you’ll never dread going to work. You may feel differently about piano practice following hours of teaching piano however!
15) Ideas become things. Decide what you want and follow your dream. Only you can make it come true. Namaste!
16) If you’re having a migraine you should go to sleep. If you’re at work go to sleep in your car. Don’t try to woman up and power through because you will be sick everywhere.
17) There will be one day each month where you want to stab everyone you come in contact with and then will probably cry over a broken biscuit. It’s normal but you will only realise that in hindsight.
18) Smiling makes people warm to you but it also attracts the nutter on the bus, and makes everyone ask for directions.
19) Blusher has the magical power to make you look human on even the most shittest of mornings.
20) You can figure out which colours suit you by stopping wearing the ones that make people question if you’re ill.
21) The secret of life is chai tea. And good books.
22) Music is magic. Spend your life chasing it.
23) The way people act towards you is a reflection of them, not you. If someone is being an arsehole it’s because they’ve got something else going on that you can’t see. This is true for 99.9% of the population. The remaining 0.01% are psychopaths and should be avoided at all costs!
24) Spend money on experiences not things.
25) Surround yourself with the things that make you happy. 🙂




Oh hello there,

I’ve been a bit naughty lately with trying to keep this updated but it’s mainly due to there being little to tell…

Basically we’re working away like good little worker bees.

Last weekend we walked along the coastline to Cape Kidnappers – a cove nicknamed due to a member of Captain Cooks motley crew being kidnapped by the Maoris when they landed there.

We we walked along the beach for 2.5 hours before finding the gannet colony with the help of this lovely welly. Classic New Zealand.

imageThe scenery was absolutely stunning, so although it was a much longer walk than expected, we had a great day out.


When we reached the end of the peninsula we came to a big gannet colony. I’ve never seen a gannet before so it was quite interesting. Did you know that it takes them eight days of straight flying to migrate to Australia in the winter? Many of them don’t make the journey, sadly.


The quality of the photos are annoying the hell out of me. Sorry about that – still can’t get the photos off our big camera. I’ll have to bore you all to death with them when we get back haha!

In other news, our housemates Philene and Kerry’s camper van has finally been fixed!


There’s Simson sat on our drive, isn’t he handsome?!

We now start work at 7.30am most days, and I like to use this photo to describe my feelings about this:


We were in need of a night out to blow off steam so we hit Hastings for a night out on Saturday. For pre-drinks we had a chicken/box party (please see below photos for an explanation.)


Absolutely ridiculous. I love these guys so much.

We went to a bar and I asked “is it cheaper to have a white wine, or a pale ale?” The answer was wine…..which instantly made me dubious. It was the most disgusting wine I’ve ever tasted in my life. If I were to describe it in a wine-tasting situation I would have described it as “offensive, with aromas of a vinegar salad dressing and revulsion.”

Anyway, to remedy the situation, Philine decided to steal a candle.


She’s a bad influence on me…

I feel the above three photos sum up the night quite well.

After an unproductive hangover day, we were back to work this morning. At 11.30 Tom and I were asked to house sit for some of John and Wendy’s friends who were attending a funeral that afternoon.

It turns out that in NZ there’s a risk of being burgled whilst out at a funeral because low lifes look at the obituaries and target people whilst their houses are empty. How awful is that?! Anyway, the result was a slightly awkward afternoon of staying in a lovely house. Much easier money than kiwi thinning haha.

imageThe houses here are so cool! Mainly modern wooden bungalows.

Things that have been keeping me occupied:

Watching the series “Scream” on Netflix. A murder mystery based on the nineties horror movies. I love trying to figure out who dun it with the added layers of head nods to the cheesy horror genre that I adore.

Reading “Instrumental” by James Rhodes – one of my favourite classical musicians who plays without the silly suit on and actually talks to his audiences. Reading about his childhood abuse was really harrowing, but I couldn’t put the book down. I have so much respect for him.

Listening to the new book in the Millenium series – “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz. Lisbeth Salander is one of my favourite literary characters and Lagercrantz is doing her justice.

Baking many many variations on pear recipes – flapjack – bad, pear cake – good. (Mainly good because we now have weighing scales.