Two more sleeps!

So it’s nearly time to go. Two more sleeps! Tom has driven his lovely car, Cheryl, back to London. I’m left with manically packing up the house, and getting packed and ready to go.




Eating: everything that’s left in the fridge/freezer, resulting in interesting leftover meals – cold pasta and hash browns was tonight’s example. Carbicide.

Drinking: wine. Because wine is needed.

Watching: About Time because I bloody love that film, although after the aforementioned wine, I must admit I cried. Harry Potter and the deathly hollows, part 2 because I was craving it. (Finishing the wine now, so I may cry again.) – “after all this time?” “always”

Reading: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed – the Eat Pray Love author gives a cynics approach to marriage.

Listening: to The Versions of Us on audio book, and finding it very confusing.

Feeling: More anxious than excited at the moment to be honest!




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