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I’m writing this from our hostel room in New York City. Holy cow! (As my mum would say.)


The flights were fine, except for our bags being left out in torrential downpour in Reykjavik. Ho hum. The toilets in the airport, however, were incredible. I overheard someone in the women’s loo saying “bloody hell, this makes Harvey Nichols look shit!”

We got to New York, and having navigated the subway, had a slap up meal and went to bed.

It’s been a jam-packed day today. Speaking of jam, if you’ve ever wondered how to get Tom out of bed for 8am, tell him that there’s complimentary donuts and coffee on a first come, first served basis.

Five donuts and an apple? I think that’s the perfect breakfast!” – Tom Copley 2015

We started by having a wander from our hostel. I was really taken aback by the sheer scale of the buildings. It’s like being in London but with each building having an extra 20+ stories slapped on top. Cue reverse vertigo, I did a lot of neck craning today! We are staying a few blocks from the Empire State Building, so we decided to go up the top and have a look at the view.


To appreciate, please turn your head to the left. Unfortunately the wifi speed won’t allow me to twizzle the photo for your viewing pleasure. apologies!

We stumbled across various bits and bobs including the Natural History Museum, Central Park, the Gugenheim and the HOPE sign. Oh, and Ellen Degeneres doing her live show outside the Rockefeller. Then Amy Schumer popped up on ice skates and it got a bit confusing.

anyway. As for now I’m eating pizza and drinking a beer bigger than my head. Tomorrow we plan to see Ground Zero and Liberty Island, then possibly catch a basketball came in the evening.

Things that made me laugh:

– the curtain separating the business and economy class on the plane. I like the call this the riffraff curtain.

– having no bloody idea how to flush the public toilets until Tom explained it to me.

– $1 dollar notes. why?! And what is the point?

Things that have suprised me:

– Lack of fat Americans. (Sorry but true)

– Lack of crowds. It honestly feels no more crowded than Leeds!

– The heat! It’s around 34 degrees at the middle of the day. Good job we packed the sun cream.


N.B apologies for the poor photo quality – currently have no way of getting my photos off my big camera, so iPhone shots are the best I can do!


7 thoughts on “Start spreading the news…

  1. Love your blog Hep – especially the new technical term’ riffraff’ curtain! You will have to let me know how to flush Amerian loos – you never know when I might need that info! tons of love xxxx

  2. Sounds just fab, in the words of the junior bread maker…..
    I’m not jealous
    I’m not jealous
    I’m not jealous

    But it’s not working!

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