Rain in the concrete jungle

Hiya! Day three over here, our final day in New York, and the first day of New York Fashion Week. I must say I fit right in wearing my waterproof poncho. That didn’t stop me being high fashion though.


Following a really good nosey at the fashion elite (incredible bone structure everywhaaaaar) we returned to the High Line and walked in the opposite direction from yesterday towards Chelsea.

Then the most hilarious and terrifying experience of my life thus far occurred. Tom goes “holy shit, Hep look! There’s Tyrion Lannister!” (For those of you who don’t know him, he’s an actor from Game of Thrones) We were alone on the pavement about 100ft away and snapped a quick photo. He was busy hailing a cab so we didn’t want to bother him…. And then we received what I can only describe as an authentic Vulcan death stare, because it nearly killed us. He glared at us, his eyes watching us all the way up the pavement ( sorry, sidewalk)


Following this, most of the day was taken up laughing about this episode. We also saw the LOVE sign and ate shit loads of food. Our flight to LA is at 7am tomorrow morning, and we’re getting picked up at 3.30am to get back to JFK, so went out for a much needed salad, had a quick last run round Times Square in torrential downpour and we’re now back at the hostel for an early night.





(Enjoying some Kendalian weather. Home is where the rain is after all.)blogsignature

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5 thoughts on “Rain in the concrete jungle

  1. Dharrling – the poncho looks amaazzing! – Glad a little bit od Kendal sunshine has reached you – another ace day – hope you were ok with the too early o’clock start for your flights – big hugs – Mum xx

  2. Dahhhhhlinggg, where can I get a poncho like yours?
    It would look Devine when I’m sailing the K1.

    You won’t believe the weather here, I’ve had to water the garden for the third time in 27 years !!!!

    Are you going looking for more stars in LA?

    1. Hiya dad, you can borrow the poncho when I return if you like? Seen some real stars yesterday – jack Whitehall and James cordon filming a league of their own. Today we saw stone stars on the walk of fame. Lots of love xxxxx

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