A Polynesian adventure


The weather here in Hawaii is absolutely bonkers. In the space of two minutes it will go from blistering heat to gale force wind then over to tropical downpour. I quite like it though. My life is a bit poncho on poncho off poncho on poncho off currently haha!

Yesterday we went on our much anticipated volcano hike. I say much anticipated because Tom booked it in January, much to the delight of our taxi driver, who said “you’re so organised! I love this guy! You’re so lucky!” (To me haha)

The hike wasn’t so much a hike but more of a coach tour. It  wasn’t what we were expecting really, but we had a good time. Our tour guide, Walter, grew up on the island and taught us all about the plants and wildlife, which I found fascinating.



There’s loads of plants like the above everywhere, and wild orchids too. (Can you tell it was chucking it down?!)

On our way to the volcano, we passed a lava beach, formed when the molten lava enters the see, and cools, creating a brand new coastline.


After a visit to rainbow waterfall, we went to a macadamia nut factory (tasted amazing) through papaya groves.

We then headed up to killer whale volcano. ( i can’t remember the Hawaiian name – whoops) Walter the tour guide had the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard and the combination of that and the heat meant we literally couldn’t stay awake! Haha!


Behind Tom, you can see the crater and sulphur coming from the magma within the volcano.

We then went on the sulphur walkway (smelt like farts) and we were warned to stay on the path due to jets of boiling steam coming out from cracks in the earth.


(In case you were wondering, a flower behind the right ear means your available, and behind the left means you’re spoken for)


After the summit, we were taken to a lava field. I must admit, waking up to the landscape was very surreal, I felt like I’d woken up on Mars!


As you can probably tell, it was pissing it down!! Everytime I put my poncho on, it would flap in the wind creating a lot of hilariously embarrassing noise pollution, so I decided to brave the t shirt – at least it was warm.


On our way back down to Hilo, my phone buzzed and I looked down to find this…

imageSlightly worrying huh? Anyway, nothing came of it, so I can thank modern technology for scaring the shit out of me for no reason.

Today we are flying back to Honolulu. Tomorrow we’re doing a scuba dive guaranteed to see turtles (!!) and then we fly to Fiji that evening.

Dont be too jealous, the money will run out soon and we will be scrubbing toilets. Lots of love!



2 thoughts on “A Polynesian adventure

  1. Another amazing day – there is nothing quite like that sulphur smell is there! The flowers look stunning – glad you know your left from your right ear! Little bit envious of the rain – looks like the real McCoy!
    Fiji next how exciting – top tip – don’t think about toilets – big hugs to you both xxxx

    1. He he he, good job your mum doesn’t need to decide where to put a flower!!!!!
      Sounds like you missed out on the great South American Earthquake, and the subsequent tsunami…. Modern tech really is getting there with warnings, isn’t it?

      I’d be well at home in the lava fields…. I’m still not jealous. Not one little Incey wincey bit.


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