Dreaming of LA

Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of driving down Sunset Boulevard in an open top car. There’s just something about Los Angeles that has always drawn me. Having said that, most people I’ve spoken to have said it’s a dump!

Hmmm. We shall see. I’m going to Hollywood baby!!

lsWe’re only actually in Los Angeles for two nights. Enough time to sing Caaallifooorniaaaaaaaa a few times and that’s about it. I have no idea where we’re staying as of yet, but I think we might try out Air B n B?

Here are some things I’d like to do:

1) Find the Hollywood sign.



This is obligatory. I want a stupid selfie in front of it. My brother went on a similar quest for the Hollywood sign and said it took him hours to find it, and several locals when asked had absolutely no idea where it was. The Hollywood sign will eternally remind me of the earth-shattering ending to the reality TV show, The Hills. (hey linz)

Hahaha. Linsey and I used to watch this show a lot as teenagers and then the ending was like a massive WTF!!!!!?? The most postmodern happening of my life so far. Deep.

2) Go to the walk of fame

wof3Because it’s cool!!!

3) Universal Studios


Again, because it’s cool. Might be pricey, so unsure if we will go or not. But Tom’s been before and the Desperate Housewives set was there! OMG Wisteria Lane! Also, the original house from Psycho is there. Oh hi Norman Bates.

4) Pretend to be Marissa on the beach.

All together now. CAlllforrniaiaiaaaaaaa.


Getting quite excited!

46 days to go. I repeat. There are 46 days remaining!!!










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