New Zealand Bucket List

On the 1st of October, we will land in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s here that we plan to stop for a little while and find jobs in order to fund our next move to Asia. I can’t wait to see the stunning landscapes. Coming from the Lake District, I think it’ll be a home away from home. I thought I’d write a list of things that I want to do whilst in NZ today. Eek!

Also, I’ve now got one of those little countdown apps on my phone. 88 days to go!

1) Visit Auckland

Auckland is where we land, on the North Island.


It’s known for its two harbours, and is built on the remnants of extinct volcanoes. (!)

2) Rotorua

Bubbling mud, steaming cracks in the ground, and other volcanic by-products.






Apparently it smells a bit farty, but it’ll make up for having never been to Iceland.


The best place to go for eating seafood and seeing sea life. I want to go whale-watching!

Kaikoura Peninsula May 2008
Kaikoura Peninsula May 2008


It’s possible to walk up the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. My brother and his girlfriend Charlie did it, and it looks incredible from their photos.


Sadly, the glaciers are melting fast, so it’s a now or never opportunity.

5)Waitomo caves





Also known as The Glowworm Caves, the Waitomo caves are famous for the little critters, and also black water rafting. Jacob and Charlie did this too, and said it was awesome. You go through on rubber rings. What really made me laugh was Charlie said that you have to line up and stick your bums out and then the instructors select a suitably sized rubber ring to fit on your arse. Hilarious!

6) Queenstown (for a bungee jump)


Queenstown is famous for its extreme sports. It’s the place to go if you want to do a bungee jump (something that terrifies me, but I’ve always wanted to do.)

7) Heaphy track

A four to six day hike with stunning views along the way. Time to walk in my new boots!


8)Maori culture 

Traditional Maori culture has always fascinated me. The tattoos, the music, the scary Haka dance. I’d love to see a concert, and try some traditional food. Get a maori tattoo? What?




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