Dreaming of Fiji

Today is a bit of a pants day all round – I managed to hurt my neck this morning whilst taking off a hoodie. How dramatic. The result: can’t turn my head, ergo can’t drive ergo can’t get to work. Hideous. It hurts so much I’d actually rather be at work!

Anyhow, it’s hard to be miserable when I have travelling to dream of.
Today, I’m specifically taken with dreaming of the islands of Fiji. We’l be there from the 19th-30th of September, en route from Hawaii to New Zealand. Meaning I’ll spend my 25th birthday of this year in Fiji. How crazy is that?

Did you know Castaway was filmed on one of the Fijian islands? I say one of, because Fiji is actually made up of over 330 islands. We’re not even sure which ones we’ll visit yet, other than we fly into the capital, Nadi.

Cast_Away__2000__2763977b(This is how Tom and I will probably look after our ten days in tropical paradise haha)

Alongside bellowing “WILSON!!!!” at the top of my voice, here are some other things we will be doing…

1) Scuba Diving*

divefigi*I think some sort of certificate is required for this. If we’re not qualified it’ll be more like snorkelling. I’ve only ever done it in the bath before though, so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed haha.

2) Mud baths


(yes I did try my hardest to find the most hilarious photographic example here, but I imagine it’ll be a fairly true to life representation of mud+my eczema haha.)

3) See fire walking

beqaApparently this is done in traditional ceremonies, if you’re luck enough to see one. Ouch!

5) Get drunk on the beach on my birthday


Because it’s obligatory. And it’s one of my 25 challenges before I turn 25!

Starting to get very excited now…







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