Travel planning over sleepy Easter weekend.

Happy Easter everyone. This weekend I’ve been at my parents house in Kendal with Tom, my brother Jacob and his girlfriend Charlie (and my parents of course!)

Yesterday I did my first ever Parkrun in Fell Foot Park, on the South shore of Lake Windermere. Very pretty, very muddy and my time (37 minutes) wasn’t too shabby considering it normally takes me the best part of 45 minutes to do 5km haha. Most of all though, I was pleased to have beaten my brother… even though he did have a toilet break.


We then went on (after a shower of course) to one of the Lake District’s many outdoor shops so that I could hunt for a suitable pair of walking boots for our travels. I ended up with a lovely pair of Keen boots. Nice and light and comfy – exactly what I wanted.

I’ve been wearing them in around the house today, much to my mum’s delight. I think her exact words were “you look like a skinny clown with massive feet.” My mum can always be relied on for compliments such as these.

bootsIt’s a good look, don’t you think?!

Today, we embarked on the traditional Easter egg hunt, which my dad does for us every year. Yes, I realise that we’re all in our twenties, but it’s still fun! Also, we won’t be doing it next year… so we have to get in all the eggs while we still can. I didn’t win this year, Charlie did! booooo.

eggsYou can almost imagine the extent of the gluttony here. Almost.

As you can see, the pictures in this post are from instagram. I have just set up an account for the blog, which would most welcome some followers: search heppyblog. You can also follow my personal account too, which is 123heppy.

In the future I’ll be putting better quality photos on here, unfortunately I don’t have access to a good camera this weekend, so my iPhone is doing an okay job!

In other news, I’ve been looking at Airbnb for the first time today. It’s amazing! Drooling over apartments in LA. Look at this bad boy!:

See you soon homeslice,





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